Featured Author:  M W Ashe
M W Ashe, a literary prodigy, was  a senior at university when she wrote her first historical novel, which we at Archer Trent immediately recognized as a work of pure genius.  Carefully researched, cleverly plotted, and eloquently written, Scouting for the Texians is as engaging and believable as any novel ever published in the English language.  We could not be prouder of having our imprint associated with this young author's name.
          Ms Ashe's full name, by the way, is Madeleine Estefania Whitecrow Ashe.  Like her fictional heroine, Manuela Ballardo, she is part Hispanic and part Native American.  Unlike Manuela, she is also part English, her father being a British expatriate living and working in Mexico, where, in the 1990s, he met and married Madeleine's mother, Miranda Whitecrow, an American expatriate, the author of My Sister Bootsy and other works, a few of which can be found in our book list.  Madeleine's aunt was the late Trudy Silverheels, author of many works of fiction and non-fiction, a number of which are also in our book list.  So you see, Madeleine comes by her literary talent quite honestly.
          Below is an outline of Scouting for the Texians with brief excerpts from each of the chapters.  Below the outline are related illustrations. 
Scouting for the Texians
Manuela Ballardo's Recollections of her 
Exploits and Adventures

Being a Historical Novel of Early Texas (1830 - 1845)
M W Ashe 
Coahuila y Tejas
1830 - 1835
The Texas Revolution
1835 - 1836
The Republic of Texas
1836 - 1845
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Newly Released Historical Fiction by M W Ashe
While this work is presented as “historical fiction,” all the characters represent are real individuals. No names have been changed. Every incident actually occurred and is related as the author, having done extensive research, believes it to have occurred. Even the personalities and attitudes of the characters are portrayed as accurately as possible. No liberties have been taken with established facts.  Indeed, the only reasons for labeling this work as “fiction,” rather than as “history,” are that the author has chosen to tell the story in Bat Masterson’s own voice and has made liberal use of made-up dialog.
M W Ashe is currently working on her third book, another historical novel, this one titled Cries in her Sleep: Tribulations and Triumphs of Kiowa Artist Dolores Hummingbird.  Archer Trent fully expects to publish this book someday.  In the meantime, loyal followers of this author can read the chapters on Wattpad.com as she finishes writing them.
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