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Just about everyone associated with the publishing house of Archer Trent shares a strong preference for real books with paper pages and handsome bindings.  And yet, we also appreciate the fact that eBooks make many more works accessible to many more readers.  We have, therefore, committed ourselves to publishing in Kindle format most of the titles that we publish in hardback or paperback (all, in fact, that lend themselves to eBook publishing).  Indeed, there may even be a few works we publish only as eBooks (eShorts, for instance).  
As of December 1, 2018, the list that follows constitutes Archer Trent's entire library of eBooks for Kindle.  Of course, we shall be adding to that list every month. Each title is linked to its dedicated page on Amazon.  Just click on any title to be redirected.
The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf by Trudy Silverheels

Baring All, autobiography of Trudy Silverheels

Good Medicine by Miranda Whitecrow; updated by Trudy Silverheels

Our eShorts are individual short stories published electronically and priced at $1 each.   Consisting of 20,000 words or less (often much less), eShorts are perfect for bedtime reading, for they can usually be finished in a single read.   Formatted for Kindle, our eShorts are available only through Amazon.
Paxton Cole, Private Investigator by Trudy Silverheels; 6850 words
More eShorts
Camila Abandonada by Trudy Silverheels; 6068 words
The Venus of Cow Hill by Earl Simpson
My Husband's Mistress by Miranda Whitecrow
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