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All works published by Archer Trent are available for purchase online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Alibris, and other booksellers worldwide.  Insomuch as we do not yet have any titles on the New York Times Best-Seller List, most local bookstores elect not to stock our books.  And yet, any book dealer should be happy to special-order our books for you.  

To preview any book listed below, simply click on the associated Amazon button to be redirected to Amazon's dedicated page for that title.  Amazon will allow you to read the first few pages online for free.

Dusky Nightshade and the Little Heathens (ISBN 978-0-9990029-0-2); an illustrated novel by Trudy Silverheels;  192 pages; perfect-bound trade paperback; 192 pages; 6" x 9"

Observations and Contemplations of a Humanist (ISBN 978-0-692-85786-1) by Leo Madrigal, philosophy, wisdom, and inspiration; hardback with dust jacket; 86 pages; 6" x 9

Of Fairies and Witches and Kisses and Wishes 
(ISBN 978-0-9990029-3-3); juvenile light verse by Phoebe Synn; with contributions by Trudy Silverheels, Rosemary Rutland, Damien Wynter, and Samuel Earl Simpson; perfect-bound trade paperback; 78 pages; illustrated with black-and-white drawings; 6" x 9" 
The Adventures of Pinky Valentine and Friends 
(ISBN 978-0-9990029-5-7); juvenile fiction by Phoebe Synn and Trudy Silverheels; perfect-bound trade paperback; 138 pages; 6" x 9" 
Scouting for the Texians: Manuela Ballardo's Recollections of her Exploits and Adventures (ISBN 978-0-578-41313-6); historical novel of early Texas (1830 - 1845) by M. W. Ashe; 367 pages, perfect-bound trade paperback; large print; 3 maps; 6" x 9"
The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf (ISBN 978-0-9990029-4-0); an illustrated novella by Trudy Silverheels; perfect-bound trade paperback; 106 pages; 6" x 9"
Baring All (ISBN 978-0-9990029-6-4); autobiography of Trudy Silverheels; perfect-bound trade paperback; 222 pages; 1 illustration; 5" x 8"
Coming Clean (ISBN 978-0-9990029-9-5); illustrated memoir of Trudy Silverheels; perfect-bound trade paperback; 270 pages; 5" x 8"
Houston: A Photographic Tour of my Hometown (ISBN 978-0-9990029-1-9, an illustrated travel book by Ava Rodriguez with photographs by Percy Cabot; perfect-bound trade paperback;112 pages; 8.5" x 11"
Autobiography of Bat Masterson (ISBN 978-1-7347814-0-3, historical short fiction by M W Ashe; large-print perfect-bound trade paperback;164 pages; 6" x 9"
Daybook of a Warrior Girl (ISBN 978-0-9990029-7-1); selected passages from the diaries of Trudy Silverheels; edited by Xiomara Roma; perfect-bound trade paperback; 148 pages, 10 full-color illustrations; 9" x 9"
My Sister Bootsy: A Portrait of Trudy Silverheels (ISBN 978-0-9990029-8-8); biography of Native American author/model/artist Trudy Silverheels by Miranda Whitecrow; perfect-bound trade paperback; 148 pages, 1 illustration; 5" x 8"
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