Audio Books
Audio books published by Archer Trent are currently available through Amazon, iTunes, and Audible.   To listen to sample tracks of any of these audio books, simply click on the SoundCloud or the Audible button to be redirected.
The Adventures of Pinky Valentine and Friends by Phoebe Synn and Trudy Silverheels; read by Essie Heart
Of Fairies and Witches and Kisses and Wishes (poetry for children and adults) by Phoebe Synn; read by Essie Heart
My Sister Bootsy by Miranda Whitecrow; read by Leah Autry
Dusky Nightshade and the Little Heathens by Trudy Silverheels; read by Linda Kutzer
Observations and Contemplations of a Humanist by Leo Madrigal; read by Daniel Adam Day and Hannah Morgan
The Chosen Profession of Jade Stonecalf by Trudy Silverheels; read by Leah Autry
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