We at Archer Trent love books.  We love literature, and we enjoy reading.  Curiously, some of the works that we admire the most have little commercial appeal (perhaps none that is obvious).  Obedient to the profit motive, traditional publishers often feel the need to pass up the opportunity to publish works they know to represent sheer genius.  Archer Trent has no such conflict of interest.  While our little enterprise is not a recognized non-profit entity, neither are we profit-driven. We are a publishing house with a mission: namely to see into print only those works that we can feel pride in having published.

Furthermore, as of November of 2018, we are fully committed to large-print publishing.  Works published before this date will, of course, remain in standard-size print.  Our eBooks published after September 0f 2018 will always be X-Ray enabled.
Post Office Box 8703                                            Houston, Texas 77249                                    Voice Mail 321-426-1067

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